About us

À propos de nous

Trans-Appel Inc. was constituted on 3rd part of company’s law constitution, on February 12th, 1981. Trans-Appel Inc. is a non-profit organization.

The company is administered by a board of directors made up of

  • 7 directors elected on general assembly
  • 1 ex officio delegate member named by Windsor city
  • 1 ex officio delegate member named by MRC le Val-Saint-Francois

Directors on board of Trans-Appel are volunteers.

Board of direction have a regular meetings every 6 weeks

All municipalities in MRC le Val-Saint-Francois may named someone as delegate. The delegates have the function of observers.

Trans-Appel have 3 workers on duty:

  • Executive Director
  • Administrative Assistant – Chief Dispatcher
  • Dispatcher