Users guide


The adapted transportation service TRANS-APPEL exists in order to help disabled persons to meet their day to day transportations needs.

It is very important to respect the rules on the following pages in order to provide a fair and efficient service to everyone.


TRANS APPEL adapted service is a door-to-door service. This means that in an apartment building, the limit is set to the entrance of the building. Our driver assists the user to reach the minibus, to come on board and to be seated. Our driver’s offers the same assistance for the return trip.


In any cases: residence and destination must be accessible to people with reduced mobility.


You may need someone as an accompanist on our vehicle. You must mention it on reservation. All accompanist must pay the fare.


No eating, no drinking, no smoking and no vaping onboard. This is a high-level security issue.

All user must use seat belts at all time during the trip to their destination or back home. If you can’t use your seat belt, you must provide a medical certificate.

A wheelchair’s user must have a seat belt on his/her chair. They must buckle up all the time during the trip. Driver must check that everyone is attached.


If you need to have an oxygen tank at all time with you. It must be well fixed to your wheelchair or in a special carrier system. Please, mention it at our dispatch on reservation ‘s process.